YUM Mighty Craw's elongated claws - perfect for falling plastics they work at slow speeds to ensure the action is on during all Jig Head. Mighty Craw performs when pitched or on a bare Jig head or as a Spinner Bait or Jig trailer. A very realistic Plastic that’s ideal for Murray Cod, Yellow Belly Bass and EP also had amazing success of estuary species like Flathead and Snapper. Equally at home on a normal Jig Head as it is fished Texas style using Jig Man Worm Weights or on one of the Jig Man Weedless Jigs. We recommend using the Jig Man SOSo 2/0 – 4/0 for the best results.




Action in slow motion describes the YUM Mighty Craw. No matter how slowly you work it or how little weight is added, the Mighty Craw's elongated claws flap and move. Four added legs on the body also move to create maximum water disturbance.


  • Claws and arms impart lifelike action
  • Ribbed body displaces water and bulks the presentation
  • Performs well flipped & pitched or jigged

Mighty Craw 10 per packet