SOSo S.L. 28D

$9.50 $8.90

The SOSo is one of the best Jigs to hit the market here in Australia in a long time. Named by Jigman Pro-Staffer Andrew Macarthy due to its unique design and because he likes Sausages. Designed to work very much like a regular Jighead but with all the fine attributes of a Weedless and Snag proof Jig (No Jigs are snag proof but this is very close).

Built on a Heavy duty 28 Degree Mustad wide gape hook, ultra sharp and super strong, but by far the biggest feature is the Jigman removable wire screw lock system, making it easy to change plastic with out having to compromise the structure integrity of your soft plastic, this saves you money. The lead weight (recycled Lead) is fitted to the 28 Degree Mustad Wide Gape Hook such that the Jigman SOSo Jig will fall horizontally with a slight tilt forward giving your soft plastic a natural presentation like no other Weedless jig on the market today.


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