About The Jig Man.

The history of the Jig Man is a simple one, make Plastic Fishing Cheaper. Established in 2010 as a way of making soft plastic fishing more affordable for every Fisherman, an obsession for John Didge, who wanted a way to make buying Jig Heads cheaper, so all Fisherman, new to the sport or a hold hand, could afford to enjoy Soft Plastic Fishing with out the need to spend large amounts of money.

But as with all aspects of this sport John’s obsession became more and in late 2010 John and close Friend and Pro-Staffer Paul Mayer released the Worm Nose series of Jig Heads, this was a game changer, Paul who spent a lot of time on getting the sizes right finally gave the OK for the new double spur profile Jig Head to hit the market for the rest of Australia to use. It only took 3 months for the Worm Nose Jig to become the most popular Jig Head use by Anglers in Johns Home town of Geelong.  In 2011 John started to design and mold a variety of Weedless Jigs, this part of Soft Plastic fishing he always had a passion for and with the release of the ASS Jig in April 2015 to complement the already popular range of standard and Worm Nose Jig Heads and the Viggle in November 2015.

5 years on The Jig Man is Australia’s largest manufacturer on Weedless Jig Heads with over 90% of his Jig Head range made right here on Aussie soil.  Here at the Jig Man we try to make and release a new Jig model or Jig Head every year to give Soft Plastic Fisho’s the best chance at catching fish on Soft Plastics each time they hit the water.

 I hope you get the greatest enjoyment out of using our products