Welcome to The Jig Man



Welcome to the Jigman World of Fishing. Jigman Jig Heads Australia was the Brainchild of John Didge back in 2010 out of a need for good Australian made Jig Heads that could be purchased at reasonable price that didn’t break the bank. John Didge the owner of the Jigman is well renowned and has a reputation in the world of soft plastics and is always looking for the edge, a product or Plastic that will catch fish. John Didge is in a unique position with his many years in the Fishing media on all platforms  TV, Stage, written and for the most part Radio this give him the insight he needs to make Jigs that Australian Anglers Need. As one of this countries biggest manufacturers of Weedless Jig Heads its only going to get better for the Australian Soft Plastic Fisherman as the Jigman adds new products to the range.

"Quote;There was a need for a good Australian made product that would suit the Aussie Soft Plastic Fisho’s needs better. Soft Plastic fishing has evolved over the last decade and a need for better more suited Jigs was required. At the Jigman we strive each day to develop and manufacture Jig Heads and accessories that help Australian anglers search out and catch Fish in more Fishing environments and conditions. I want all Fishermen to enjoy their Jigman Experience and to be apart of watching us grow. " John Didge