A collection of introductory videos by The Jigman team.

Rigging a 3.5" Paddle Tail

Young gun Hayden Bryant runs through rigging a 3.5" Paddle Tail lure on a 2/0 3/16oz (5g) Worm Nose jighead.

Rigging a 2.5" Grub

Pro Staffer Blair goes through rigging a 2.5" Hooked on Plastics Grub on a 1/16th #2 Allrounder jighead.

Colour Choice

When starting out one of the hardest decision is which colour to start with.

Prime Fishing Ground

Did you know that a lot of fishermen drive over Prime Fishing Ground?

Rigging Soft Plastics

John Didge goes over the basic of selecting your jighead, then rigging your Soft Plastic. A great video for those just starting out with Soft Plastics. Making sure your lure is straight is one of the fundamental skill to learn and John shows you how.

Weedless vs Standard Jigheads

During a recent talk with Alistair McGlashan, John Didge shared this important information about the difference between weedless and standard jigheads.



John Didge won't go anywhere without his Polaroid Sunglasses. Find out why.


Rod Selection

John Didge helps with some practical advise for when you are selecting your next Soft Plastics Fishing Rod.