Jigman Pro and Field Staff

Pro Staff

John Didge

Owner and C.E.O of The Jigman John has had a passion for Soft plastics for the last 30 years and is widely renowned as one of the best in his field of Soft Plastics, but the passion really kicked in about 20 years back and In 1990 it basically become Johns only form of fishing, dedicating himself totally to fishing Soft plastics and nothing else. His reputation is as a big Flathead specialist travelling the coastline of Southern Australia in search of big Flathead and as Captain of Team Jigman along with Paul Mayer and Adam Van De Lugt The Jigman team is well known and it has sent fear into the minds of the Dusky Chasers (trash Talk). John Didge is also well respected in the fishing Media as host of the Geelong Fishing Show for the last 26 years but also on stage talking about fishing at Fishing expos and angling clubs (He never shuts up about Plastics Fishing). Second in the Media Classic during the 90’s at lake Mulwala, 6 time winner of the Conjola Flathead teams invitational (Dodgy little mates event), winner of the Mallacoota Reel it in Flathead Challenge in November 2013 and following it up next year with winning the Narooma Flathead Challenge in Feb 2014 and taking out Big Fish with an 81.5cm Flathead in Narooma Flathead Challenge in 2015.

"Quote;My passion is to design and make the best Jig Heads available in Australia, we are growing every day to become Australia’s biggest manufacturer, all made in Australia I want Fisho’s to enjoy the Jigman experience, love Plastics." John Didge


Paul Mayer

Paul Mayer is co-founder of Jigman Jig Heads Australia, Paul’s reputation as a serious gun angler is well deserved, Paul hold the a spot on Team Jigman and has been a piviotal part of the team Jigman success, winning the Mallacoota Reel it in Flathead Challenge and following it up next year with winning the Narooma Flathead Challenge and taking out Big Fish with an 89cm Flathead in Narooma Flathead Challenge in 2014, two time winner of the Pirtek challenge and winner of the Apollo Bay Big Catch Comp. In his hometown of Geelong Fisho’s follow him for a chance of learning just a little something from the master of Soft Plastics. As a Co-founder of the Brand Paul has always had a massive input into all aspects of the Design side of the Jigman product range and will do for a long time.

"Quote;I will put any Jigman product up against any other on the market, they are great Jigs, cheap to buy, strong and to this day have never let me down, the designs John Didge come up with are truly suited to Aussie Waters to give soft Plastic Fisherman the best chance by far." Paul Mayer


Andy McCarthy

Andy Macarthy has a massive reputation for such a little fella in the fishing industry, well known for his ability to hunt down big fish in tuff conditions is only one of many this Fisherman has to offer. Andy is at home Fishing on fresh water lakes as he is in the Salt Water Estuaries as comfortable on the bay as he is in a Kebab Shop at 3am playing cricket with the staff. For the Jigman to have such a talent as our Pro-Staffer was exciting, he has a massive influence in the art of designing our jigs to get them right, but it doesn’t stop there this 2 time winner of the Tasmanian Highland Trout Classic Series has also had 3 3rd placing’s and 2 5th placing in the same event two top 5 finishes in the Tasmanian Bream comps, Teamed up with fellow Pro-Staffer Steve Trembath Winner Mulwala Invitational Cod Classic and winner Dash for Cash same event and he describes himself as a allround nice guy and funster.

"Quote; I love all the Jigman products and use them all the time but I am very excited about the future products that are now in design process I know they will give me the edge I need to get more and bigger fish." Andrew Macarthy


Dusky Chasers

Scott Wakefield and Troy Eaton have a reputation that is well deserved a hard working team, these two blokes no there stuff when it comes to catching big Flathead. YouTube super stars with the Reel it in Series, writers and film makers with Kaydo on line Magazine, they are a very exciting addition to the Jigman Pro Team, known by Team Jigman as the “brides maids” these 4 time top 5 finishers in the O’Brien’s hotel Flathead Challenge in Narooma no there stuff. Not just great blokes but they are the organizers and owners of one of the best run competitions in Australia today, the Reel it in Flathead Challenge. Troy and Scott Smash big Jewies in Melbourne’s Yarra River, trophy Snapper in Port Phillip Bay, EP’s and Big Flatties up the Coast.

"Quote;We love the Jigman HD series in 5/0 for our Jewies, Snapper and Flatties but all the Jigman products are great and we both love Ducks but Troy like little duckies." Scott Wakefield and Troy Eaton

(We only agreed to this to keep him as our major sponsor)


Adam Van Der Lugt

Adam Van Der Lugt is an official member of Team Jigman and an official nut bag. Adam is a well known gun angler from Geelong who spreads himself right across the field of Fishing an accomplished Fly Fisherman that is at home on a Trout stream just as much as he is in the Bay chasing big Snapper. Adam is no mug when it come s to catching fish on plastics but his official role is as Team photographer, fishography is a passion and for Adam and he is one of the best around. Adam holds the a spot on Team Jigman and has been a part of the team Jigman success, winning the Mallacoota Reel it in Flathead Challenge in 2012 and taking out Big Fish that comp with an 87cm Flathead and following it up next year winning the Narooma Flathead Challenge in 2013 for the Obrien hotel.

"Quote;I will always be a nut bag its part of the team success and I love Jigman Jig heads." Addsie



Matt Dugins

Born and bred on the Gippsland lakes, part owner Water Wheel Beach Tavern and local fishing guide Mathew Dugins has a reputation when it comes to catching big fish.

Matt was always going to be an asset to the Jig man Team, that ability he has to get BIG fish from deep in the snags made this the perfect marriage. Matts fishing skills and knowledge of the waterways and inlets in far East Gippsland to the NSW border are well known. Although he is only a young bloke his fishing skills are far beyond his years, big Flathead are his favourite and every year is a new PB and for a fisho who can say that 10lb plus Flathead are a regular catch says it all. As a Guide Mathew Dugins can fine tune your Lure fishing skills to give even the most experienced angle an advantage.

"Quote;Using the Jig Man products gives me the ability to fish with great Jigs without having to break the bank and there weedless gear, there is nothing like it, amazing Jigs that have such a natural action" Mathew Dugins

"Quote; If it wasn’t for my mentor and fishing extraordinaire mate I would not have created this amaaaazing ability." Kev Campbell


Bryant Family

When getting into fishing as a family Nikki and Blair gravitated to soft plastics fishing for flathead. With a daughter (Gemma) and two boys (Hayden and Rhys) in the boat casting and retrieving soft plastics kept them entertained. Becoming a Geelong Fishing Show podcast tragic Blair soon realised John Didge knew his stuff and the best course of action was to copy the Zen Master. Using Jigman Jigheads increased the catch rate of the whole family making everyone look like a pro. The whole family now enters numerous bream and flathead competitions with their new found confidence in applying the art of soft plastics fishing.

"Quote;I can watch the Zen Master work a bank with soft plastics all day long." Blair Bryant

"Quote;Would you stop watching Didge and net my fish again. " Nikki Bryant


Steve Trembath

Steve Trembath for those in the know needs no introduction, a master of a most forms of Fishing from Hunting Croc eggs for research in Zimbabwe and catching Tiger Fish, from Permit to Marlin, Cod to Barramundi on the Flats or in a Boat and every fish in between he is the whole package, when Steve asked if he could be part of the test team we jumped at the opportunity to have him on board. A former Fishing Guide from the Top End now owns and operates a Caravan Park (Bindaree on the Murray) in Corowa NSW. Winner of the Barra Nationals two time runner up and champion angler Kakadu Barra Clash, Champion Team Cod Classic Invitational and winner of the dash for cash, now spends his time Testing Jigman products and honing his skills on the mighty Murray Cod and Yellow Belly. Steve Trembath comes with the reputation of being able to identify laydowns and holding areas that the fish take cover in that can’t be seen by the naked eye and his approach to target those fish is second to none, many in the industry believe this is what set him apart from the rest. We welcome him to the Jigman Family.

Steve is also know as the Big Greek Adonis (note Steve is not Greek nor is he an Adonis)

"Quote; Using the Jigman Weedless range has made a big difference in my approach to targeting Native Fish in the Snags, I can now get in and under Fish holding areas, as for Trout the Worm Nose double spur holds the Plastic like no other Jig Head on the market." Steve Trembath

Field Staff

Dean (Clown) Alison

Don’t let the clown suit fool you this guy is a professional clown but one extreme angler. He hails from Sydney in NSW, a big flathead chaser with a big sense of humor, turns his skill to impoundment Barra and wild fish a Bream tournament angler and extreme Bass fisho Clown loves being a part of the testing and development team for the Jigman and we are stoked to have him onboard.