Worm Nose

Worm Nose



# All Jig heads come in retail packaging

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A lot of work went into this Jig Head as the name suggest a Worm shaped nose with a Double Spur on its collar fitted to a 90 degree Ultra point VMC Aberdeen Black Nickel Hook.  The double Spur was designed to hold on to the plastic hard, these days most silicone base Plastics will hold on to any collar but for the more common water base Soft Plastics a double Spur was needed.  This Jig Head is our most popular Jig Head; classed as a profile Jig Head it tends to stream line both Fish and Worm pattern Soft Plastics to give the more natural look in the water. 5 Jig Heads per packet





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6kg king fish from the Grammar School Lagoon in Geelong caught on a Damiki 5' Anchovy

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