28D Screw Lock Swim Bait Hook

28D Screw Lock Swim Bait Hook


Weedless Swim bait Hooks.

  • Mustad Ultrapoint Hooks
  • Stainless screw lock 

The Jig Man 28D Screw-lock unweighted Swim Bait hook provides you with the ultimate in Weedless presentation.  The Mustard Ultra Point hook improves hookup it's bloody sharp, the fish won't know until its to late to get away.        You can bury the hook point just under the surface of the plastic for the ultimate in weedless presentation, or leave the point expose to improve the hookup rate in open waters.  The 28D was designed to swim through the deepest dense grasses and come out the other side clean allowing the angler to intrude in on the home of an unsuspecting fish. The keel affect from the lower potion of the hook gape hanging out the bottom of the soft plastic, provides a natural presentation unlike some weedless options available on the market today.  A proven way to catch fish in their own home.  The Hunted has become the Hunter.

Available in 1/0 to 8/0 making this a deadly way to present un-weighted soft plastics to any fish.