MSP 2.5" Grub


The MSP Grub is 2.5" while at the rest, just under 3" while swimming

The unique Curl Tail on the MSP Grub allows for a greater vibration through the water and enhances the visual presence throughout the water column, able to move at slow speeds it a stand out as a fish magnet for all Plastic fisho's.

Using this MSP 2.5" Grub for finesse fishing over the flats, amongst the structure, down deep or used aggressively as its slow walked along the bottom, the MSP 2.5" Grub is at home in fresh or salt water and will soon become your goto Plastic.  The MSP 2.5" Grub is a Soft Plastic that any Angler should have in their Soft Plastic collection.

The two new kids on the block Motor Oil and Motor Oil Brown are custom design colours by Team Jig Man.  Allan from Munroe soft plastics spent serious time with the boys to get these colours right and the end result has been amazing.

 2.5" Grubs are highly successful in Estuaries, Lakes and Bays targeting species such as Bream and Flathead and more

An excellent Soft Plastic for Freshwater Species also.